Vaction Homes in Malta – Marketing Techniques

Marketing Vacation Homes in Malta

Many houses in Malta were built to be vacation homes and were not intended to be lived in throughout the whole year, other than the vacation (or summer) season.  They are poorly insulated at best, many have crawl spaces while others are just on piers.  The plumbing is usually drained down for the winter to prevent freezing.  I could go on and on but remember, these were cottages used in the summer and for that they were and are the perfect summer getaway. If you are looking for your forever home, you really are going to be looking for a house that can be used year round.

Many projects being worked on have the same story.  While there usually is a foundation under the house, the heat is all electric, the insulation is nonexistent, and rodents can make their way into the wall cavities (for them this is an ideal year round home).

The renovation stage

These old vacation houses are not only going to need a facelift but are also going to need upgrades to the electric, heating, plumbing and insulation to have them become ultra-insulated and energy efficient, water saving homes. The walls, both the existing and the new, will have to be filled with dense pack cellulose and also have a layer of 1.5 rigid on the outside to increase the value of each wall and also provide a barrier against thermal bridging. The roofs will be a combination of open cell coupled by rigid.

The heating system will be a combination of radiant tubing, under salvaged and new wood floors, as well as under a finished slab. There will also be baseboard heat in the existing second floor. The houses, themselves, however, will look much more traditional than its high efficient heating, cooling, lighting.  The siding will be a combination of clap board and vertical siding, the roofing will be metal and the homes will have generous screened porch of the kitchen area.

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One of the most interesting aspects of Malta vacation properties is the thought that was put into not only the current living scenario but what the homeowners projected they would need for living space in the future. All the plumbing must be prepped under the finished concrete slab, the slab has radiant tubing throughout, the floor color will come from tinted concrete.

The homeowners can then live in upgraded homes in the location they wanted, we all know location is everything, unfortunately, if they purchase these homes outright, without any modifications performed, they will not at all be their dream vacation homes.  With a little creative design work and a lot of thought these homes will turn into a dream vacation home ready for year round fun and enjoyment.

Marketing overseas

Companies like karkanja are purchasing these properties, giving them a purpose again by doing the proper renovations and selling them at a markup. They do a lot of marketing to the UK and Russian clients looking to retire in Malta or Gozo. A pool will be constructed on some of these properties and they truly look like a 10-million-dollar villa or mansion.

Malta is a wonderful place. The ocean is amazing, there is so much to do. Many tourists come to this beautiful destination year round. However, in recent times, people have started to purchase their own custom vacation homes. Many wealthy individuals like to have their own properties here so they can visit any time of the year. With the modifications suggested in this article, anyone can, with a little time and investment, have a private home on the beautiful shores of Malta!